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General terms and conditions of sale

DRIVEMEGOOD S.A.S. provides passenger transport services by means of Transport Cars with Driver (Black Car Service), exclusively by reservation and at a predefined price.
DRIVEMEGOOD is a company in compliance with French legislation on the transport of passengers for valuable consideration, which ensures DRIVEMEGOOD’s customers total safety and gives them full confidence in the quality and reliability of this company.
DRIVEMEGOOD is registered in the register of operators of transport cars with drivers, a register managed by the Ministry of Transport, authorising DRIVEMEGOOD to transport people for a fee.
DRIVEMEGOOD is insured by Pacifica Insurance Company for its professional civil liability and for its civil liability for traffic, both of which are mandatory for the transport of persons for valuable consideration.
Your DRIVEMEGOOD driver holds the Black Car Service professional card, mandatory for the transport of people for a fee, issued by the Prefecture of Seine and Marne.
Any reservation request made to DRIVEMEGOOD commits the customer to have read these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and to have fully accepted them.

DRIVEMEGOOD is free to modify these general terms and conditions of sale at any time, for any reason or cause, and the customer is responsible for consulting them before making any reservation request.


1.1 These general terms and conditions of sale are concluded between DRIVEMEGOOD S.A.S., 7 rue de la Sellotte 77700 Bailly-Romainvilliers, hereinafter referred to as the Supplier,

1.2 And on the other hand, any physical or legal person wishing to use the services of DRIVEMEGOOD S.A.S., whether the person is transported by the recipient or the person/company that have made the reservation, referred to as the “Client”.


2.1 DRIVEMEGOOD operates as an operator of a transport car with driver. Within the framework of this activity, transport services are provided only upon prior reservation by customers, which can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by telephone on + 33 (0), by e-mail to or preferably directly on the website

The reservation must be made by the Client at the latest 24 hours before the start of the said service, which will only be effective if the service provider can honour it according to their availability or the geographical location of the driver. The Supplier therefore reserves the right to refuse to provide a transport service requested by a Customer if they are unable to do so (unavailable time slot, vehicle breakdown, holidays, etc.).

DRIVEMEGOOD may also refuse all reservations for a time period defined by them, which may last several days to several weeks, without having to justify themselves to their Clients, particularly during holiday periods.
The reservation must be made by the Client or by a duly authorized representative. All bookings must include at least the following information:
name or corporate name of the customer or company;
name and telephone and e-mail details of the customer or company;
date, time and place of taking charge of the Client;
number of passengers and luggage;
place of destination or number of hours of pick-up desired by the Customer.

2.2 Two types of services are offered by DRIVEMEGOOD:
– transfer from “door to door” from a point “A” to a point “B” determined by the Client at the time of his reservation request: the price is calculated on the basis of a cost in euros per kilometre to be covered, freely fixed by DRIVEMEGOOD S.A.S.
A price calculator is available to the Client on the website in order to know the exact cost of a transfer.
– provision of a vehicle with driver: hourly rates whose prices are freely fixed by DRIVEMEGOOD S.A.S.. In this case, unlimited mileage is included in the price.
The amounts of the different time packages are indicated on the website

2.3 Particular cases involving airport pick-up
The pick-up of a customer at an airport by a DRIVEMEGOOD driver is carried out in front of the customer’s arrival terminal, in the parking area called “minute drop-off”. The “minute drop-off” parking lots are generally located in the “departure” halls of airport terminals. The customer will be required to call the Service Provider on + 33 (0) to inform them of his presence in front of the terminal, of the terminal number and the door number in front of which the customer is standing, so that the driver can pick him up at this location. This meeting point must be located in the parking area known as the “minute drop-off”. The driver nearby will be able to quickly pick up the Customer.
The Client wishing a personalised welcome by the DRIVEMEGOOD driver inside his arrival terminal must make a request when making his reservation, specifying this information in the “observations/comments/precisions” box of the reservation form he has completed. This option will be charged to the customer at 15 euros per waiting hour (any started hour is due), in addition to the price of the reserved transport mission.
2.4 If it appears that the Client is not present at the meeting place at the latest of 30 minutes after the scheduled meeting time, the service may be definitively cancelled by unilateral decision of the Supplier, who may invoice the Client 50% of the rate provided for the initial service.
2.5 If the Client is unable to locate the driver, he must immediately call the Service Provider on + 33 (0) at the risk of having the service cancelled and being charged for non-presentation.

2.6 The service ordered is provided on the day and at the time specified in the reservation. Drivers will always try to be punctual, except in the cases of (accident, traffic difficulties, etc.) which would oblige them to be late in taking charge of the Customer.


3.1 The Customer undertakes for himself and for the passengers for whom he has contracted with DRIVEMEGOOD to behave as a good family man from the moment of pick-up, in particular by respecting the driver and the Supplier’s vehicle, as well as the following provisions:

3.2 Compliance with traffic regulations (wearing seat belts, use of car seats / booster seats for babies and children, etc.). In addition, the Customer may under no circumstances force the Service Provider’s driver to violate the rules of the highway code and to commit offences, in particular to be able to arrive more quickly at his destination (exceeding the authorized speed limit, fast and dangerous driving, passage on unauthorized lanes, etc.);

3.3 Prohibition of smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages or transporting dangerous objects or materials in the Supplier’s vehicle;

3.4 The number of luggage transported is proportional to the vehicle’s loading capacity and remains the responsibility of the Customer. In the event that the Customer has overestimated the vehicle’s loading capacity and that all passengers and luggage cannot be transported by a single vehicle, it shall be fully liable if the service cannot be provided by the Supplier, who may then automatically cancel the service ordered and invoice the Customer 50% of the rate provided for the initial service;

3.5 DRIVEMEGOOD cannot be held responsible in the event of damage and/or loss of luggage by the Customer;

3.6 Any damage to the vehicle caused by the Customer shall be entirely at his expense and shall oblige him to pay for the necessary repairs;

3.7 Small pets are accepted, provided they are placed in a transport cage.

Failure to comply with these provisions entails the exclusive responsibility of the Client and passengers towards both the service provider and third parties.

3.8 DRIVEMEGOOD declines all responsibility for the Customer’s actions before and after transport.

3.9 The DRIVEMEGOOD driver reserves the right to refuse to take charge of or disembark a passenger who does not comply with these obligations, as well as an alcoholic passenger.
3.10 DRIVEMEGOOD can under no circumstances be held responsible for a delay directly resulting from the Customer’s initial delay, or for the need to make a journey, at the Customer’s request, within a period that is clearly too short. The initial delay of the Client and its consequences on the transport mission carried out for him by the Service Provider are his sole responsibility. Thus, for example, if the delay caused by the Customer in relation to the time of pick-up initially planned at the time of booking causes him to arrive too late at an airport and misses his flight, the Customer will assume this consequence and his full responsibility and may under no circumstances claim against the Service Provider, in particular in the event that the delay is aggravated by traffic difficulties on the route.

4.1 The Supplier undertakes to transport its passengers as quickly as possible, in optimal safety conditions and in strict compliance with the Highway Code.
DRIVEMEGOOD is covered by insurance covering the Customer’s bodily injuries, from the time the Customer gets into the vehicle until the passengers get off.

4.2 It is agreed that delays in transport delays due to unforeseen traffic difficulties (traffic jams, accidents, deviations, weather conditions, mechanical breakdown, miscellaneous events, etc.) do not entitle the Customer to any compensation or reimbursement whatsoever.

4.3 The driver is obliged to comply with the various regulations applicable to vehicle traffic and to ensure, in the performance of the service, that the necessary measures are taken to ensure the safety of the vehicle’s occupants and its proper preservation.
Thus, the driver expressly reserves the right to refuse any instructions and/or requests from the customer that he considers likely to compromise the safety of the vehicle’s occupants and/or the proper storage of the vehicle.

4.4 The service provider is not responsible for any breakage or damage due to fragile contents placed inside passengers’ luggage. Similarly, the service provider is under no obligation to keep luggage, or any other object, property, clothing, effects, etc. left in the vehicle during and at the end of the service.

4.5 In the event of immobilisation of the vehicle due to mechanical failure, accident or other reasons, the service provider shall endeavour to find a solution to ensure the continuity of the journey. This type of incident does not give rise to any right to compensation to the Customer, who will not, however, be invoiced.

5.1 Our prices include VAT and are expressed in Euros (€).
5.2 The VAT rate applicable for transfers is 10% of the price excluding tax.
5.3 The VAT rate applicable for hourly supplies is 20% of the price excluding tax.
5.4 The transfer rate applies to direct travel, without stopping, from the place of pickup to the place of arrival previously established at the time of the Customer’s reservation.
5.5 For the provision, any hour started is due. The fixed prices fixed according to the number of hours ordered by the customer include unlimited mileage.
5.6 Any additional hour beyond the fixed price established by the contract of provision and not provided for will be charged 75€/hour. For trips scheduled over several days, the following fixed rates will be charged in addition to the Customer:
5.7 Driver’s meal = 25€ VAT included.
5.8 Hotel night + driver’s breakfast = 125€ VAT included.

6.1 The driver’s service and the vehicle made available to the Client. On board the vehicle, services will be offered free of charge to the Customer (drinks, sweets, WIFI connection, use of telephone chargers…)
6.2 The Supplier’s professional civil liability insurance for transported persons.
6.3 Civil liability insurance for the vehicle and the movement of persons transported for valuable consideration.
6.4 Fuel.
6.5 The salary of the qualified driver, as required by regulation.
6.6 Kilometres and time covered according to the initial estimate.
6.7 The transport of the Customer’s luggage within the limits of the vehicle’s loading capacity.
6.8 The addition of a roof box on the vehicle if this option has been requested by the Customer. The price of this option will be added to the initial price of the transport service and will be communicated to the Customer when confirming his reservation.

7.1 The cost of parking lots and more generally all parking spaces;
7.2 Admission fees to the sites (museums, theatres, castles, or others);
7.3 Admission fees to public or private places;
7.4 Toll charges ;

7.5 20% surcharge for any transport between 22:00 and 7:00.

8.1 All services must be the subject of a written reservation request, preferably by completing a reservation form on the website
8.2 In the case of a reservation by e-mail to the following address, or by telephone, on + 33 (0), a reservation form will be established by the Supplier according to the information provided by the Client. This form will then be sent to the Client, who must return it to the Service Provider, dated and signed with the mention “Good for agreement”.
8.3 Whatever the reservation method used by the Client, DRIVEMEGOOD will subsequently inform the Client by telephone or e-mail if it is able to carry out the requested transport assignment according to its availability. If positive, the confirmation of the execution of the transport assignment and the final price will be communicated to the Client as soon as possible.
8.4 No payment is required at the time of booking. Payment is made to the driver, on board the vehicle, on the day of the service. Whether or not he is a signatory to the reservation, the passenger carried is responsible for paying for the service.
8.5 Payments must be made during the service, by the Client, in euros, in cash or by credit card via a mobile electronic payment terminal. The following types of credit cards are accepted: credit card, visa, mastercard, American express or union pay.
8.6 Payments by cheque are not accepted for individuals.
8.7 Customers who are legal entities may pay the service provider later on the day of the service, upon receipt of an invoice, by cheque or bank transfer, but only after obtaining the explicit written consent of DRIVEMEGOOD S.A.S..
8.8 The Customer will be issued on the same day of the service or later, an invoice showing the VAT. It may be delivered to him/her by hand or by e-mail.
8.9 Any reservation for a service must be made no later than 12 hours before the start of the service.
All bookings must include at least the following information:
name or corporate name of the Client or company;
name and telephone and e-mail details of the Client or company;
date, time and place of taking charge of the Client;
number of passengers and luggage;
place of destination or number of hours of pick-up desired by the Customer.

8.10 Any reservation implies the Customer’s unreserved acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale.
8.11 The Client and the Service Provider undertake to comply with all the clauses cited in this contract.
8.12 No modification may be made to the above conditions, except by prior agreement between the parties.
8.13 This contract shall be suspended or cancelled automatically and without compensation of any kind in all cases recognized as force majeure (event outside DRIVEMEGOOD) such as disruption of traffic lanes, bad weather, demonstrations, accidents, breakdowns or malfunctions of the telecommunications networks.

9.1 Cancellation by the Client, before the pick-up time indicated in the reservation form:
The amount of the service will not be invoiced to the Client if the cancellation occurs more than 24 hours before the pick-up time.
If the cancellation occurs less than 24 hours before the pick-up time, the Service Provider may invoice the Client for compensation of 50% of the service provided for in the reservation.
9.2 Cancellation of the reservation after the pick-up time indicated in the reservation form:
A waiting period of 30 minutes maximum after the pick-up time indicated in the reservation form is granted free of charge to the Client.
Beyond a waiting period of 30 minutes, a free additional period may be granted only if the Client has contacted the Service Provider to inform him of his delay and if the driver has the possibility of waiting longer for the Client, if he has no other transport assignment to perform within one hour of the initial scheduled pick-up. If the driver can no longer wait for the Customer due to another transport assignment to be performed for another Customer, the service is deemed to be cancelled and due by the Customer and will be invoiced at 50% of the price provided for the reserved transport service.
9.3 Cancellation by unilateral decision of DRIVEMEGOOD S.A.S.
On or before the scheduled day of the service, DRIVEMEGOOD may unilaterally decide to cancel the transport service scheduled for a Customer in the following cases:
– delay of the Customer by more than 30 minutes compared to the pick-up time specified in the reservation form. In this case, the Customer may be invoiced 50% of the price of the planned service (see specific conditions in paragraph 9.2);
– unfavourable weather conditions (snow, ice, fog, hail, storm);
– immobilisation of the vehicle planned for the service, due to a breakdown or accident occurring before or during the service;
– very difficult traffic conditions (traffic jams) causing the driver to delay too long to pick up the Customer;
– social movements, demonstrations taking place on the journey, or at the point of departure or arrival of the transport service, which may endanger or jeopardise the safety of the driver and his passengers or which may give rise to fears of damage to the vehicle. The assessment of the danger incurred and the possible decision to cancel the transport mission that could result from it will be judged and taken unilaterally by Drivemegood S.A.S.
In all these cases, the service may be cancelled by the Service Provider and the Client will not be invoiced.
Any reservation request made by the Customer, by telephone, by e-mail or via the website, or the signature of a reservation form by the Customer, which will be considered as having read and accepted these general terms and conditions of sale, implies his tacit acceptance of these cancellation conditions mentioned above and prohibits him from making any claim for compensation or any recourse against DRIVEMEGOOD.

10.1 The contractual relations between the Service Provider and the Client are governed by French law, even if the service is provided in a foreign country.
10.2 In the event of a dispute, DRIVEMEGOOD’s liability may only be retained if the Client can provide proof of misconduct on the part of the Service Provider and a causal link with the damage claimed.
DRIVEMEGOOD may not be held liable in the event of major force mentioned above (event outside DRIVEMEGOOD, irresistible and unforeseeable) such as disruption of traffic lanes due to traffic jams, bad weather, demonstrations, accidents, breakdown or malfunction of telecommunications networks….
10.3 Any complaint must be made by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within five days after the performance of the service with DRIVEMEGOOD.
10.4 In the event that the dispute cannot be resolved amicably, only the Commercial Court of Meaux shall have jurisdiction.

11. Intellectual Property
All elements of the website “” are and remain the intellectual and exclusive property of DRIVEMEGOOD S.A.S.. No one is authorized to reproduce, exploit, redistribute, or use for any purpose whatsoever, even partially, elements of the site, whether software, text, images, visual or sound. Any simple or hypertext link is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of DRIVEMEGOOD S.A.S.

12. Collection of personal data
DRIVEMEGOOD is committed to respecting the privacy of its customers.
The personal information and other data communicated by the Customer at the time of his reservation request will only be used for the purpose of carrying out the transport mission he has ordered or for sending newsletters or promotional offers sent to him by e-mail. Under no circumstances will they be transmitted to third parties.